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PhD Positions


There are 2 PhD positions are available in our lab in the area of Computational Biology and/or Stem Cells/Innate Immunity starting from September 2017.


Required Qualifications: Must hold a master degree in Bioinformatics, computational biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or in any relevant discipline. The candidates are required to work/research in the field of microarray analysis, drug designing, and understanding of protein-protein interactions.


The candidates with at least one publication (preferably first author should either be accepted or published) are encouraged to apply.


English language skills: The candidate must hold (expected to get at the time of admission) IELTS (6.5) or equivalent TOEFL score as per university requirements.


Preferred skills: Candidate must be enthusiastic, good team player, and can work extra hours to meet deadlines.


Relevant details: (1) The interested candidate can look at our website to get an idea of what we are engaged with:

(2) The deadline of admission is May 15, 2017, and the candidates will be informed regarding their acceptance no later than May 1st 2017.

(3) The enrolled students will be given 1 Million KRW (~900USD) as monthly stipend in the beginning that will be increased depending on the performance.

(4) Full tuition fee will be exempted during the course work (~5000 USD) if English score is equivalent or above to the mentioned criteria.

(5) All candidates will be given a chance to present their research at any reputable international conference (as many as 3).


The interested candidates should email their CVs with a brief research interest and a recent photograph (separately or within CV) to


Please note that do not send your CVs directly to Prof. Choi. For further inquiries, please contact and/or

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