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By: Dr. Muhammad Qasim

According to 2011 census of India, It has 966.3 million Hindus, who make up 79.8 per cent of its population, and 172.2 million Muslims, who make up 14.23 per cent. Among the other minorities, Christians make up 2.3 per cent of the population and Sikhs 1.72 per cent. While rest are includes Buddhism, Jainism and various indigenous ethnically-bound faiths.

According to constitution of India, it is called as secular state but on ground realities things are opposite. Through its indigenous policies it is fully Hindu dominated society where people from other religions are living a miserable life. Muslims though they constitute the major part of minorities are most vulnerable population of India. Sikhs are the second in list who are treated as worst citizens.

Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities have been victims of extrajudicial executions, torture, rape, intimidation, implication in false cases, destruction of property, utilities and other illegal acts under the Indian criminal justice system.

The Sikhs were subjected to genocidal killings in 1984 with the significant participation of members of the security forces. The Muslims were subjected to genocidal killings in Gujarat in 2002 and the tribal Christians became victims of serious violence in Kandhamal, Odisha, in 2008.

During current government of BJP has given free atmosphere to radical hindu organization like shev sina , RSS etc to torture minorities on their religious festivals . Recently A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq, was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son severely injured on Monday nght in UP’s Dadri, allegedly by residents of Bisara a Indian village, after rumours spread in the area about the family storing and consuming beef. Later it was proved that it was not beef meat.  For minorties even practing their main piller of belief are ban as 24 out of 29 states in India currently have various regulations prohibiting either the slaughter or sale of cows.

The strictest laws are in Delhi, Gujarat,Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, where the slaughter of cow and its progeny, including bulls and bullocks of all ages, is completely banned. Most States prohibit the slaughter of cows of all ages

Discrimination with minorities go beyond the religious facts. According to SACHAR reports 2006 education and jobs sectors ratios of Muslims is around to 2 to 3% but their population ratios is above then 15%. Similarly number of government schools and educational institutes are less in Muslims and Skih majority areas as compared to Hindus Majority Areas. There are only two universities are reserved for Muslims while other hands Hindu has open access to all universities of country. In 2013 out of out of the 998 candidates recommended (for selection) for various civil services, only 28 were Muslim — 2.8 per cent of the total.

South Korea has number of Muslims Scholars from India for PhD and Post PhDs but majority of them are hopeless to get any job placement in India. I have many of Muslims friends from India, they are worried and trying hard to get any faculty position in India but they always come with negative response only because of their religion.

Even inside the hindu community lower casts are struggling for their lives. Huge population of dilat is protesting continuously against discrimination by higher levels cast of hindus and demanding a special quota of jobs. Thousands of people belonging to the Dalit community, the former untouchables, have staged a massive protest in India’s Gujarat state in response to atrocities against the community.

The 10-day “Dalit Pride March” culminated in Una town in southern Gujarat on August 15 – India’s Independence Day – as Dalits pledged to seek “freedom from atrocities and caste-based discrimination”

While in Indian occupied Kashmir government is using all types of state violence against innocents’ citizen since last 50 years and it is once again rise in last few six months. Thousands of people lost their eyes by pellet gun tortures and more than 100 civilians died while protesting against Indian state violence.

Same lever of discrimination is recorded in civil and judiciary procedures and imprisonment. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) the number of Muslims prisoners in Indians states, West Bangal, Mahrashtra Gujrat and Rajistan is almost three times to their population ratios in those states. Most of those prisoners are behind the bar on minor issues since years. Due to poverty they even cannot affords to follow their cases in courts to get release form jails.


Source: NCRB reports 2015

World humanitarian organization and civilized communities need to put their serious attentions towards huge discrimination with minorities inside India.

Even Indian famous Bollywood actors who are Muslims are always threaten to leave India due to their sympathies toward Muslim communities and their statements about Indian state terrorism polices against minorities in India.

we hope that world community will take notice of mass Human rights violation in India and enforce them to establish rules of equality and justice.



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