Guidelines for Korean Govt Scholarship (KGSP)

This post is for all those who are wishing to apply for KGSP [ Korean Government Scholarship Program] – Applications will open in February!
Based on the number of people who inquired about KGSP 2016, I decided to post this in this group as i find it the most suitable platform for such information.

First of all, I would like to share the following link. It includes maximum details regarding KGSP.

The following information is based on my own experience in 2013. I am writing this to make it easier to understand the procedure and requirements at each step for this scholarship. I may miss out on some information so feel free to correct me.

Period of Application:

Usually the applications open around February. It is announced on the website of Korean Embassy in Pakistan. The period of applying for KGSP usually ends in May.

Methods of Applying:

There are two methods of applying.

1) Through Korean Embassy:

  1. Download the application form from Korean Embassy’s website.
    2. While filling in the application form, you have to select “through embassy option”, then chose and write down the THREE universities you want your application to be sent.
    3. Submit your application to the embassy via post
    4. If they select you based you on your application, they will call for an interview. The interview is generally in a group of 6 to 7 people and it is conducted by a panel of 3 people including koreans. In that group interview, you have to stand out by mainly justifying why you should be selected among this group. Its discussion basically in which you have to prove yourself.
    5. If you get selected in the interview, then they will send your application with the other few candidates selected to NIIED (National Institute for International Education)
    6. NIIED will get applications from each country. Out of these candidates from each country, they will select a few from each country based on their respective quotas or all candidates suggested by the respected country’s Korean embassy. In case of Pakistan, i guess maximum quota is 10 ~12 students. It varies every year.
    7. Once you have been selected by NIIED also, and then come the final stage. Your application will be sent by NIIED to all three universities you selected. You have to get acceptance by at least one of the university you selected. In case you get selected by all, you have to write back to NIIED about your university of choice out of the 3.
    8. Lastly, you will have to submit a medical checkup. The details of the medical checkup will be sent to you by NIIED.

This process will generally finish around the end of July.
By the end of August, you will be in Korea IA.

2) Through University Directly:

  1. Download the application form from Korean Embassy’s website
    2. While filling in the application form, select “via University Recommendation”
    3. Send the application directly to the university you want to apply to (Each university in Korea has separate deadlines for KGSP applications via “University Recommendation”, you can check them out on their website).
    4. In this method of application, you only have the option of one university
    5. If the university selects you, they will send in your name to NIIED and then NIIED will give you all the details
    6. You will be considered selected if selected by the university you applied for
    7. Last step will be to submit a Health checkup. The details of the medical checkup will be sent to you by NIIED.
    8. You will be in korea by the end of august IA

All students irrespective of the method they chose to apply will attend the same orientation ceremony once in Korea.

For further details regarding KGSP, you can also contact Korean Embassy in Pakistan on these numbers: 051-227 9380, 051- 227 9381

I hope this information helps!

Best of luck everyone. ( Written by PhD Scholar Javeria Nasir MSA-KAIST)


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