Grants for University Lecturers and Researcher for Germany

Grants for University Lecturers and Academics The DAAD provides funding for international university lecturers and researchers. The programme focuses primarily on shorter periods of research which allow academics to share their experiences and build networks with colleagues abroad. Gaining an insight into a different higher education and research system is not only fascinating but in many cases can also be a source of valuable impetus and experiences. The German academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides funding for university lecturers and researchers from abroad who wish to teach, research and engage in further education in Germany.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

Applicants should already have completed a doctorate and be working at a university or research institution in their home country

They must have agreed on their research project with an academic host institution in Germany

Depending on the project and discipline in question, a good command of German may be required

What form does funding take?

Assistant researchers, assistant professors and lecturers receive a monthly stipend of 2,000 euros

Professors receive a monthly stipend of 2,150 euros

Travel allowances will be granted if travel costs are not to be paid by the applicant’s home country or any other party

Funding is provided for up to three months. It depends on the project and the planned work and will be decided by the selection committee.

How to Apply


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