Nudge Global Leadership For Young Professionals Program. Netherlands


Nudge has started the vital search for 90 professionals (23 – 33 yrs) from all over the world. Young people with a global mindset wanting to contribute to a sustainable world.

What is and will be your contribution to a sustainable world? Tell us about the impact of the activities you undertake today. Share your innovative entrepreneurship and vision. How can you inspire other outstanding professionals to make a difference at a global level?

70 participants from various companies and organisations around the world will take part in the Global Challenge (company candidates). 20 young talents will be given the opportunity to get their participation fee sponsored via Nudge (wild card candidates). Are you a company or a wild card candidate?

Apply today.

Make sure you fill in one of the application forms. Wild Card applicants: persuade us to select you as one of the best 20 worldwide.

Inspiring international speakers, challenging tasks and intensive guidance are the main ingredients of these three unique days.

Are you a Next Generation Leader?
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World Bank Group Internship


The World Bank Group Internship offers highly motivated and successful individuals an opportunity to improve their skills while working in a diverse environment. Interns generally find the experience to be rewarding and interesting.

To be eligible for the internship, candidates must possess an undergraduate degree and already be enrolled in a full-time graduate study program (pursuing a Master’s degree or PhD with plans to return to school in a full-time capacity). Generally, successful candidates have completed their first year of graduate studies or are already into their PhD programs.

This internship typically seeks candidates in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social science (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, private sector development, as well as other related fields. Fluency in English is required. Prior relevant work experience, computing skills, as well as knowledge of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese are advantageous.

The Bank Group pays an hourly salary to all interns and, where applicable, provides an allowance towards travel expenses. Interns are responsible for their own living accommodations. Most positions are located in Washington, D.C. (some positions are offered in country offices) and are a minimum of four weeks in duration.

The Bank Group’s Internship is offered during two seasons, and applications are accepted during the following periods:

Summer Internship (June–September)

The application period for the Summer Internship is December 1–January 31 each year.

Winter Internship (December–March)

The application period for the Winter Internship is October 1–31. All applications MUST be submitted online. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Checklist

The application checklist is meant to facilitate your application experience.

    • Ensure that you use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 or higher as your browser version.
    • Please make sure that you are connected with a reasonable bandwidth of internet connection without any network/firewall restriction.
    • You will be asked to register for an account and provide an email address.
    • You must complete your application in a single session and will be able to submit it only if you have uploaded all the required documents and answered all the questions (all questions marked with an asterisk-*- are required).
    • Please complete the application within 45 minutes to avoid the system timeout.
    • Provide the most current contact information.Ensure that you have correctly spelled out your email address, since this will be our main channel of communication with you regarding your candidacy
    • Ensure that you have correctly spelled out your email address, since this will be our main channel of communication with you regarding your candidacy.
    • Remember to enter your complete phone number (country code + city code + number).
    • Please do not enter any special characters (“-<>&#” etc.) in any of the application fields. Try not to copy and paste any characters/text from Microsoft Words.
    • Please attach the following documents (mandatory) before submitting:
      • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
      • Statement of Interest
      • Proof of Enrollment in a graduate degree

Note: Each file should not exceed 5 MB, and should be in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf

  • Please make sure that the filenames of the documents that you are attaching do not contain any special characters, such as “-<>&#” etc. PDF files are the best files to upload.
  • Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any further changes/updates.
  • Apply Here

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The Swedish Institute Study Master Scholarship For Pakistani Students To Study In Sweden

swedish institue

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS) are awarded to students from selected countries for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden starting in the autumn semester 2017.

The scholarships cover both living costs and tuition fees. An estimated 335 scholarships will be available.

The scholarship application period opens with a first application step 1 December 2016 – 24:00 GMT 16 January 2017, followed by a detailed second application step for successful candidates from the first step, on 1 – 10 February 2017.

To apply for a SI scholarship, you must first complete your separate application to the master’s programme(s) before the university deadline 16 January 2017. The application process and the selection criteria for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships are separate from the application process to master’s programmes at University Admissions. Note that you should also look for scholarship opportunities from your Government or from other sources in your country, as well as for opportunities from Swedish universities, since the competition for SI scholarships is very fierce.

Who we are looking for

SISS is the Swedish government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders. It is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and administered by the Swedish Institute (SI). The programme offers a unique opportunity for future leaders to develop professionally and academically, to experience Swedish society and culture, and to build a long-lasting relationship with Sweden and with each other.

The goal is to enable the scholarship holders to play an active role in the positive development of the societies in which they live. Ideal candidates are ambitious young professionals with academic qualifications, demonstrated leadership experience and a clear idea of how a study programme in Sweden would benefit their country.

Priority will be given to applicants choosing study programmes with an emphasis on gender equality, sustainable development, democracy, human rights or poverty reduction.

Applicants from South Africa should apply within the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for South Africa.

Selection and eligibility criteria

Applicants must be from an eligible country and have at least 3,000 hours of experience from full-time/part-time employment, voluntary work, paid/unpaid internship, and/or position of trust. Applicants must display academic qualifications and leadership experience. In addition, applicants should show an ambition to make a difference by working with issues which contribute to a just and sustainable development in their country, in a long term perspective.

Read more about the selection criteria, target countries, and eligible master programmes. Please note that the eligibility criteria for countries within special initiatives are different. Read more under the title “Special initiatives” on the page.

Application procedure and key dates

The application process consists of two steps. The first step will take place 1 December 2016 – 24:00 GMT 16 January 2017 through an online application form. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of January 2017 (preliminary date: 25 January 2017), and asked to submit a detailed application for the second step 1 – 10 February 2017. The two-step application process aims at offering transparency in the selection process.

To be considered for a scholarship, you must first complete your separate application to the master’s programme(s) before the university deadline of 16 January 2017. To be considered for a scholarship in the second step, you must pay your university admissions application fee (SEK 900) to University Admissions before 1 February 2017 (deadline for receipt of the fee). There is no application fee for applying for SI scholarships.

For the second step of the scholarship application you will be required to submit a Motivation letter, a Europass CV, a passport copy, one letter of reference and one proof of work experience. The documents must be in English. If any mandatory document is not used or completed in English the application is deemed ineligible.

Read more about the application procedure, including guidelines, important dates, document templates and what happens after submitting the application.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship covers both tuition fees (paid directly to the Swedish university/university college by the Swedish Institute) and living expenses to the amount of SEK 9,000 per month. There are no additional grants for family members.

Travel grants

Scholarship holders from countries on the DAC list of ODA recipients receive a travel grant in connection with their scholarship. The travel grant is a one-time payment of SEK 15,000.


Scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance and Personal Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period.

Network memberships

All SI scholarship holders become members of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) – a network which offers exclusive opportunities for SI scholarship holders during their stay in Sweden. Together with other talented people from all around the world, the scholarship holders take part in and organise a variety of events, exchange ideas and create networks beneficial both to career and personal development. Scholarship holders are expected to be ambassadors for their country, and to demonstrate leadership skills and cooperation within the NFGL. When the scholarship holders return to their home countries they become part of the SI Alumni Network.

Scholarship period

The scholarship is intended for full-time master’s level studies of one or two years, and is only awarded for programmes starting in the autumn semester. The scholarship covers the whole duration of the master’s programme.

The scholarship period cannot be altered or extended beyond the study programme period, nor can the scholarship be transferred to a study programme other than the awarded one.

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In India minorities need world attention. My Blog

By: Dr. Muhammad Qasim

According to 2011 census of India, It has 966.3 million Hindus, who make up 79.8 per cent of its population, and 172.2 million Muslims, who make up 14.23 per cent. Among the other minorities, Christians make up 2.3 per cent of the population and Sikhs 1.72 per cent. While rest are includes Buddhism, Jainism and various indigenous ethnically-bound faiths.

According to constitution of India, it is called as secular state but on ground realities things are opposite. Through its indigenous policies it is fully Hindu dominated society where people from other religions are living a miserable life. Muslims though they constitute the major part of minorities are most vulnerable population of India. Sikhs are the second in list who are treated as worst citizens.

Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities have been victims of extrajudicial executions, torture, rape, intimidation, implication in false cases, destruction of property, utilities and other illegal acts under the Indian criminal justice system.

The Sikhs were subjected to genocidal killings in 1984 with the significant participation of members of the security forces. The Muslims were subjected to genocidal killings in Gujarat in 2002 and the tribal Christians became victims of serious violence in Kandhamal, Odisha, in 2008.

During current government of BJP has given free atmosphere to radical hindu organization like shev sina , RSS etc to torture minorities on their religious festivals . Recently A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq, was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son severely injured on Monday nght in UP’s Dadri, allegedly by residents of Bisara a Indian village, after rumours spread in the area about the family storing and consuming beef. Later it was proved that it was not beef meat.  For minorties even practing their main piller of belief are ban as 24 out of 29 states in India currently have various regulations prohibiting either the slaughter or sale of cows.

The strictest laws are in Delhi, Gujarat,Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, where the slaughter of cow and its progeny, including bulls and bullocks of all ages, is completely banned. Most States prohibit the slaughter of cows of all ages

Discrimination with minorities go beyond the religious facts. According to SACHAR reports 2006 education and jobs sectors ratios of Muslims is around to 2 to 3% but their population ratios is above then 15%. Similarly number of government schools and educational institutes are less in Muslims and Skih majority areas as compared to Hindus Majority Areas. There are only two universities are reserved for Muslims while other hands Hindu has open access to all universities of country. In 2013 out of out of the 998 candidates recommended (for selection) for various civil services, only 28 were Muslim — 2.8 per cent of the total.

South Korea has number of Muslims Scholars from India for PhD and Post PhDs but majority of them are hopeless to get any job placement in India. I have many of Muslims friends from India, they are worried and trying hard to get any faculty position in India but they always come with negative response only because of their religion.

Even inside the hindu community lower casts are struggling for their lives. Huge population of dilat is protesting continuously against discrimination by higher levels cast of hindus and demanding a special quota of jobs. Thousands of people belonging to the Dalit community, the former untouchables, have staged a massive protest in India’s Gujarat state in response to atrocities against the community.

The 10-day “Dalit Pride March” culminated in Una town in southern Gujarat on August 15 – India’s Independence Day – as Dalits pledged to seek “freedom from atrocities and caste-based discrimination”

While in Indian occupied Kashmir government is using all types of state violence against innocents’ citizen since last 50 years and it is once again rise in last few six months. Thousands of people lost their eyes by pellet gun tortures and more than 100 civilians died while protesting against Indian state violence.

Same lever of discrimination is recorded in civil and judiciary procedures and imprisonment. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) the number of Muslims prisoners in Indians states, West Bangal, Mahrashtra Gujrat and Rajistan is almost three times to their population ratios in those states. Most of those prisoners are behind the bar on minor issues since years. Due to poverty they even cannot affords to follow their cases in courts to get release form jails.


Source: NCRB reports 2015

World humanitarian organization and civilized communities need to put their serious attentions towards huge discrimination with minorities inside India.

Even Indian famous Bollywood actors who are Muslims are always threaten to leave India due to their sympathies toward Muslim communities and their statements about Indian state terrorism polices against minorities in India.

we hope that world community will take notice of mass Human rights violation in India and enforce them to establish rules of equality and justice.



CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Pakistan’s 2nd Annual National Innovation Awards

Dear Friends:

I am writing to you to seek your supporting in helping identify and nominate innovative organisations and individuals from a across a wide societal spectrum in Pakistan. Your organisation (or someone you know) may be doing cutting-edge or contextually-relevant innovation in one of the TWELVE CATEGORIES outlined below and may deserve appreciation and kudos for their work.

I strongly urge you to identify, nominate or share such instances and stories with us or encourage them to nominate themselves.

I am very pleased to announce the 2nd National Innovation Awards – Pakistan’s Only National Innovation Awards – to be announced at PIF’s Annual Conference – The Pakistan Innovation Forum 2016 on December 8, 2016at Serena, Islamabad.

Pakistan Innovation Forum is Pakistan’s FIRST AND ONLY National Conference on Innovation. This year, the conference is themed Innovators of Tomorrow –  All things STEM/STEAM, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Acceleration, and Venture Investing.
Last year, the National Innovation Awards in Corporate, Art+Design, and Civic Innovation were claimed by Packages Ltd., Coke Studio, and T2F respectively. The Life Achievement Award was given to Syed Babar Ali for his innovative Philanthropy. The Conference shall also feature an Innovation Showcase focusing on innovative displays of technology in STEM/STEAM Education and innovation and entrepreneurship suited to Pakistan’s needs. This will also mark the end of the three years of PIF’s existence.

We have already launched a social media campaign to seek nominations for National Innovation Awards in 12 general categories (and 3 special categories: Lifetime Achievement, Young Innovator, and People’s Choice Innovator of the Year’) and would like your support in identifying and nominating exemplary individuals and organisations who have done innovative work in their respective fields.

Nominate by November 20th, 2016 across the 12 nomination categories are:
  • Most Innovative University (Programme)
  • Social / Development Innovation
  • Corporate/Business Innovation
  • Technology Startup
  • Finance/Fintech Innovation
  • Civic Innovation
  • Government Innovation
  • Health Innovation
  • Education Innovation
  • Agri+Rural Innovation
  • Industry Innovation
  • Art+Design Innovation
Last year’s nominees (not Winners) are eligible to apply again. The Awards are judged by a distinguished jury of leading CEOs, Government, and Civil Society Leaders from across the country.

We are seeking your support in helping us spread the word and reaching the right individuals and organisations who deserve to win this prestigious honour.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at +92 305 2266810.

We look forward to your support in this regard.

Best regards,

Pakistan Innovation Foundation


Athar Osama, PhD (Public Policy – The RAND Graduate School)
Young Global Leader (YGL ’13) – World Economic Forum (WEF) &
Fellow ’11 – World Technology Network (WTN)

Founding Partner, Technomics International Ltd.
Founder and CEO, Pakistan Innovation Foundation

Email:,, and

Tel: +44 1483 901916, +44 7711 198092 and +92 305 2266810


University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarship

Deadline: 1 October 2017


Fee Status



All (overseas)





Level of Study


Mode of Study

Full time

Start Date

September 2017, January 2018


12 months

Helps With

Tuition Fees




  1. Available to full fee paying students on a full time, campus based postgraduate taught programme.
  2. Scholarship will be deducted from the published tuition fee for the intended academic entry year
  3. Prospective students must have formally applied to the University for an eligible course and received an unconditional or conditional offer.
  4. Prospective students must have fully completed the scholarships application form, sent with the formal offer email.
  5. Selection of students will be based on their academic performance to date, their formal application and the content of their scholarship application form.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this scholarship,

please email

How to Apply

A scholarship application form will be sent via email with the formal offer for eligible programmes.

Image result for university of dundee campus

Lund University’s 350th Jubilee Scholarship

Compete to win a 350th Jubilee Scholarship Lund University is celebrating 350 years of education and research with €350,000 in scholarships Compete to win a jubilee scholarship in our 350th Jubilee Scholarship competition. The scholarship is open to non-EU/EEA citizens applying for a Master’s degree starting in autumn 2017 at Lund University and may cover a part of or the full tuition fee. Non-EU/EEA citizens who are not required to pay tuition fees for any reason are not eligible for this scholarship. Enter the competition Enter the competition before 15 January 2017 at

Winners are announced in April, 2017 on the competition website.

Application for Postgraduate Program Scholarship Year 2017 (Research, Coursework and Mix-Mode) HTUM University Malaysia

Admissions announced in UTHM Malaysia
No Ielts required
Through out previous academic Studies must be in English.
Masters by reseaech/coursework/mixed mode
For any query regarding admission write me.
Thank you
Note:- Scholarships are offered after applicants registration.,en/

Admission: Every first week of month

Online application: Throughout the year

Hardcopy submission: A week after online application submission

Result: 1-2 month after hardcopy submission


Coursework and Mix-Mode

Admission: 27th February and 05th September, 2017

Online application deadline: Local applicant – 1 month before admission

International applicant – 3 months before admission

Hardcopy submission: A week after online application submission


Postgraduate Research International Scholarships (RMIT)

RMIT Postgraduate Research International Scholarships (RPIS) are funded by RMIT University.

Scholarships are awarded to International students commencing a research degree (Masters or PhD) on the basis of academic excellence and research potential.

Value and duration

The value of the RMIT Postgraduate Research International Scholarships increases annually in accordance with indexation. In 2016, the RMIT Postgraduate Research International Scholarship will provide the following benefits:

  • tuition fees for the standard duration of your research scholarship
  • the cost of an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy for the standard duration of your program
  • a stipend of $29,288 per annum pro rata (full-time mode) which is equivalent to the Government APA rate of $26,288 plus an RMIT top up of $3000
  • a relocation allowance for the cost of relocating in order to take up your research program, up to $515 per adult and $255 per child to a maximum of $1540
  • paid sick, maternity and parental leave (within the limits of the 2016 Scholarship Terms and Conditions).

The standard duration of a research doctorate scholarship is three years full-time. Candidates may apply for an extension of up to six months subject to satisfactory progress and school approval. The duration of a research masters scholarship is two years full time, with no additional extension available.

The duration of an RPIS will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken towards a research degree at the same level, prior to the commencement of the RMIT research program.


To be considered for scholarship you must hold, or be currently completing:

  • a Master by research
  • a Master by coursework with a significant research component graded as high distinction, or equivalent
  • a Honours degree achieving first class honours
  • a 4 year bachelor degree achieving a GPA of 4 or equivalent (80% or above).

If you do not hold one of the above qualifications, you will only be considered for scholarship if you have previous publications or significant research experience. All other applicants will be considered ineligible.

Applicants applying for scholarship must be in receipt of a RMIT program offer for the relevant application period, by the close of the scholarship round to be considered.

Scholarship round Scholarship application open/close date Scholarship commencement Must hold program offer for commencement in
Round 1
(main round)
To be confirmed* 2017 Semester 1, 2017 or
Semester 2, 2017
Round 2
18 January – 2 May 2016* Semester 2, 2016 Semester 2, 2016

* You must have been offered a program place that is not conditional on meeting English language requirements OR provide evidence of English language proficiency and meet the English language requirement of the research program before the closing date of the scholarship application.

In addition to the above, to be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • not already hold a PhD or equivalent, if applying for a PhD
  • not already hold a Master by research or equivalent, if applying for a Master by research program
  • provide details of any external funding for tuition or living expenses that you have received or applied for
  • hold an Australian student visa for the term of the scholarship and comply with the conditions of the visa.

RMIT will consider you ineligible if:

  • you commenced your research program prior to scholarship commencement period in which you are applying
  • you have not met the RMIT English requirements by the close of the scholarship round
  • you are currently receiving another equivalent award or scholarship, providing a benefit greater than 75% of the 2016 APA base rate ($26,288) to undertake the research degree.

Key dates and how to apply

For information relating to scholarship opening rounds and to apply for scholarship, please refer to the instructions detailed on research scholarships.

Selection criteria

All scholarship applications will be ranked based on a model approved by RMIT’s Research Committee.

Further information

As the holder of this scholarship you:

  • must commence your studies in the scholarship commencement period in which you have applied
  • are not able to defer your studies to another year.

If you have dependants, the RPIS will provide an Overseas Student Health Cover policy to cover them also.

RMIT University requires that you meet English language requirements for entry into research programs. Your test result must be current (i.e. taken no more than two years before your research program commences).

Your RMIT English Worldwide (REW) test result must also be current (i.e. taken no more than one year before your research program commences).

Some programs have higher English language requirements. Details are included in each program summary.

See the Research Scholarship Terms and Conditions (PDF 326KB 10p) for more information.



Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD) for Pakistani Students

Deadline 23, November 2016

Age limit: 25

The Global UGRAD program is designed to award undergraduate Pakistani students enrolled at a university in Pakistan. The Global UGRAD-Pakistan program offers cultural/academic exchange through a non degree program for a semester at a university in the U.S.

Image result for Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD) for Pakistani Students

Applicants of this program are required to be in either their 14th or 15th year of formal education.

Students enrolled in either, a four year bachelor’s program or a two year bachelor’s programs are eligible to apply.


  • Tentative Announcement: Oct/Nov
  • Two batches: Fall and spring semester
  • Duration: One semester – approximately half attend in fall and other half in spring
  • Grantees start studies: Fall next year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani citizens
  • 25 years or younger
  • Currently enrolled in a college or university and committed to returning to their home universities following the completion of the program.
  • Strong leadership qualities and potential in their university and community activities
  • Serious interest in learning about the United States
  • High level of academic achievement, as indicated in grades, awards and reference letters
  • Proficiency in English
  • Students from diverse backgrounds, especially those students who have not previously had opportunities to travel internationally are encouraged to apply


  • Applicants with a dual U.S./Pakistani nationality or U.S. permanent residence
  • Those who have a parent, spouse or fiancé who is a U.S citizen or permanent U.S resident
  • Employees of the Fulbright organization or the U.S. Department of State
  • Students in their final year of university

How to apply

The Global UGRAD-Pakistan program is advertised every year (please check for availability) by October/November. Application form is required to be submitted online. All supporting documents , such as photocopies of transcripts including an explanation of grading scale of university issuing the degree, are to be attached to the online application before submission . Photocopies of transcripts must be attested by the issuing authority.

click here

NOTE: Once you are selected you will be required to provide a Reference Letters and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current academic institution